Friday, 16 April 2010

Hints and Slurls

01. Momma Dragon is guarding her little hatchling.
02. Dragons tend to stick with dragons, don't let it make you feel blue.
03. He wants to was his hands (look in the big building)
04. Just look around here, don't clinb that internal stair (will move around, but will always stay in the ground floor room)
05. Between a rock and a hard place
06. Hint giver in store
07. steam from its's a dragon!
08. This is not a fire dragon
09. Out of the rain, and nestled away nice and warm
10. Check the hinter in store.
11. Look for me where the leaves turn to flame red
12. I love Dead Days
13. Main shop, first floor. Dragons love warm fire places made of stone
14. Time to relax, your very red in the face
15. Behind every good man
16. Some things are just so small...
17. Lady in red is dancing with me... hatchling to hatchling!
18. Close to the shamrocks.. the clue is looking back
19. If the chair rocks... you´ll find the dragon
20. Subscribe to the right way of life and you shall be rewarded. But don't stop there; more is to be found-- if you look around!
21. Rocky crags allow dragon eggs to hide while humans walk over them - never seeing.
22. No hint needed
23. SKIP TO 24
24. Once hatched little dragons like to stay in caves where they find the warm mists keep them warn when mom is way.
25. Look around, look down,
Look where collectibles and toys can be found.
26. It is on the table, and there is only one table.
27. It's a well-known fact that dragons can't resist cookies.
28. From East to West in search of scales
29. A dragonfly has four wings. Find the correct one, walk down past the dragons circling, continue towards the pink blossoms and go to the red buds. You are now so very close
(NOTE: Don't buy their art accidentally they will not refund your purchase)
30. Dragoneer & Dragoness,
Seven meters, more or less,
Hiding high within plain sight,
Blending in with all my might,
Find me and my treasure's yours,
Fabric textures, walls & doors.
31. Time for a sexy cuddle
32. I snuggled up in a corner. My little, red brother is watching over me
33 : Snuggled in my Nest right where I should be
34. Quickly, raid the nest
35.Where Faery Fly upon the Walls, your being watched by one quite small. Rest a bit and close you are, the wary shy one is not far.
36. Follow the Path of the Warrior
37. This dragon loves to be pick of the day
38. for boys ( What's new?) for girls ( Make a wish!)
39. Dragons have jewelled eyes
40. dragons like to fly high, even a hatchling
42. Finally Under One Roof
43. Pretty as a picture
44. Heat is high and smoke is churning. Sniff the air - is something burning?
45. click me to get updated
46. Stop it your stepping on me!
47. Time to step up!
48. In the SouthEast corner a dragon did hide, inside our shop a gift we'll provide
49. Eat me!
50. Oh Look!
51. click hint giver on the service desk
52. Hint giver by tp landing
53. Whats your sign
55. Find the hoard and if he sleeps you can sneek a coin
56. Nail it up to the wall where it belongs
57. dragons come in many colours
58. It roosts, like most eggs
59 . This dragon swims in the pool
60. SKIP to 61
61. Chase the dragons
62. It is said that Dragons like to coil around the roots of trees
63. With silken skin she stood...
and never did she see,
the power that I have inside
the dragon that is me.
64. If you are below me, the view is so clear, but please come and join me where my brother is near.
65.a (1/2) If you touch me I may change colors, if you rest your feet upon me i promise i will not holler. (2/2) If you are brave enough go down below and ask the dragon
65.b (1/3)Are you afraid of Snakes? (2/3)Animated Showers In Erotic Art? (3/3) Poison Apples can be good for you if you stay warm .
65.c (1/2) I hold the dragon close to my heart (2/2) I love hanging in the branches of trees

Stores with no hint will be filled in as the hunt starts, those which are up are official hints provided by store owners.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hunt Information

Hunt Dates: May 1-31, 2010
Application Deadline: April 10, 2010!
Vendor Group: Dragon Hunts Vendor Group Subscribe-O-Matic
Hunters Group: Hunting for Dragons
Blog Coordinator: Maleficent Benoir

Hello. This is my first attempt as a hunt organizer, although I have participated in many as both a vendor and a hunter. I aoplogize up front if I mess anything up, and appreciate your support and interest in joining me on this quest!

This hunt is limited to 50 vendors so hurry and apply. If things run smoothly I may accept more. There is no cost to join.

**Hunt Rules**

~ Applications will be accepted until April 10th or until 50 slots are filled.

~ Complete Application must be send to DragonLady Majestic. Incomplete applications will be discarded.

~ Order of the hunt will be as applications are received. NO special priveledges.

~ All gifts must be unisex or one for each sex.

~ Gifts should be related to dragons - any kind of dragon - Eastern, Western, Hatchlings, Wyrms, Fairy Dragons, etc... ; and may be of any design you wish - clothing, artwork, sculpture, dragon avatars, jewelry, tattoos, or anything else that you can think of!

~ Gifts must be original content - things that you create. NO Resellers, Business In A Box, and/or Freebies you have collected.

~ All Questions should be sent via Notecard. Notecard should be labled '! Dragon Hunt - Your Name'

For more information, please contact
DragonLady Majestic, Hunt Organizer